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Should You Have A Facebook Group Alongside A Page?

All businesses wanting to generate sales, subscriptions, and revenue from Facebook have FB pages with thousands of likes. They put in a lot of efforts to promote these pages and turn them into huge sales boosters that could make any link go viral within hours. It’s been a regular practice for years now. However, with a shift in trends, these days businesses have included one more practice in their Facebook growth hacking routine — Facebook group. Now, businesses create FB groups along with pages where they can have direct conversations with present and potential buyers and get their feedbacks for quick resolutions. If you also want to create a solid customer experience, then create and promote your Facebook group until it becomes huge.

Having a page puts you in a perfect position to stay connected with your followers in a more personalized way, hear out their queries, concerns, and feedback, and provide them with quick solutions. So, don’t have any doubt with regard to creating a Facebook group. Move ahead and create one as soon as possible and start growing it on a regular basis.

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