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4 Effective Ways You Can Try for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

  1. Promote it on your company blog.

Your company blog is the ideal place to promote your video to your loyal customers. Discuss each video in a blog post, link it or embed it in the post itself.

  1. Inform your email list.

When you upload a new video, you can inform your entire email list. When you send out a newsletter, you can add links to that too.

  1. Connect to social media.

You can mention about your new videos in your tweets and status updates too. On Facebook, all you have to do is paste the URL into the status update bar and the video will be added to the News Feed. On Twitter, you can just add the link to your tweet. On Pinterest, the videos are pinned to the pinboards.

  1. You can also go for some old-fashioned public relations.

While most of the companies tend to work on their promotional efforts on the internet just like the Top YouTube video ads Singapore, you must never ignore the old school public relations. In other words, issuing a press release when you have added a new video or calling or sending emails to certain news outlets. Ensure to add the video link in the PR so that the online news sources can mention your business in their usual broadcast.

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